1878 – 1978

As from the 10th September, 1878, we assume the sale was put into process, and although the actual Certificate of Title was not signed until 18th December, 1878, we felt it quite appropriate to hold our Centenary on the 10th September, 1978, particularly as we would be too busy with the cherry crop to do anything in December.

From the Photostat copy of the Certificate of Title (which is very faint owning to age), you will notice that the property was bought in the name of Adolphus John  Trebilcock and not John Trebilcock. In order to purchase the property Adolphus John Trebilcock had to take out two mortgages in the names of Samuel Terrell and Edwin Thomas Tripp. The latter of these mortgages being discharged in 1884.

Adolphus John Trebilcock was 24 years of age when he bought Orange Vale, and his wife Lydia, and eight children – Fanny, Kate, James, John, Adolphus, Mirrie, Joe and Nancy, lived here until the year 1901, when they moved over to “Briar Glen”. Orange Vale was then leased to the Barnett family for 5 years, and John Frederick Trebilcock, one of Adolphus John’s sons, remained and worker with the Barnett family.

In 1906 when the Barnett’s lease ran out, James Trebilcock went into partnership with his brother John Frederick Trebilcock and they farmed Orange Vale between them. Granny Woolcock acted as housekeeper until such time as James married, and his wife Mildred took over this duty. During this time (according to an old ledger), Samuel Terrell came back to Orange Vale and rented a room from the Trebilcock brothers.

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