1850 – 1878

Residence built for Captain Terrell of the Montacute Mine
Residence built for Captain Terrell of the Montacute Mine

organevale Samuel TerrellThe property known as “Orange Vale” first came to be on 1st November, 1850, when a land-grant was made to a certain Mr Robert Green, blacksmith, of the Montacute Mine, by Sir Henry Edward Fox Young – Lt. Governor of the Province of South Australia, of 51 acres, in consideration of the sum of 51 pounds sterling.

Witness of this grant was Charles Sturt.

Three years later on 27th July, 1853, Mr Robert Green (then calling himself a farmer) sold the property to a Mr. Samuel Terrell, Captain of the Montacute Mine, for the sum of 400 pounds.

Captain Terrell built the first part of the house and continued to live there for 20 years. During this time John McDouall Stuart, the explorer, came to recouperate at “Orange Vale” after being the first man to trek from the south to north coasts of Australia across the centre. John McDouall Stuart was a friend of Captain Terrell, and it is rumoured that several of the men from Montacute Mine went with Stuart on his expeditions.

On 24th June, 1873, Captain Terrell (now calling himself a “Gentleman” leased Orange Vale to Mr. John Trebilcock, Gardener, for 5 years for the sum of 50 pounds sterling, with the right to purchase the property for the sum of 500 pounds at termination of the lease. The date the lease expired was 9th September, 1878.

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